San Francisco settlement agreement Frequently asked questions

What are the terms of the settlement?

Airbnb has reached an agreement with the City of San Francisco to create a streamlined, online registration system that will allow hosts to register their short-term rental with the City using the Airbnb website.

Once fully implemented, the new system will allow hosts to use the Airbnb website to register their short-term rental with the City, obtain a business license, and pay the required fee.

The new system will be available to all hosts in San Francisco by early 2018, at which point all listings on the Airbnb platform in San Francisco will be registered and in compliance with the City’s short-term rental requirements.

When will the new registration system go into effect?

The agreement will be fully implemented by early 2018, at which point all hosts will be required to be registered.

However, the settlement agreement must first be endorsed by the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors and Mayor Ed Lee before the new registration system can be developed and implemented.

We expect the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Lee will work to ratify the agreement in the coming weeks. After the agreement is ratified, we will work to develop and implement the system over an 8 month period of time.

We will provide hosts with timely information throughout the process and will notify and obtain consent before any personal information is shared with the City.

What does this agreement mean for me?

Hosts may continue listing their short-term rentals as we work to ratify, develop and implement the new registration system. As part of the implementation process, we will be adding a simple field to the platform for hosts to input their registration number. If you already have an STR registration, we will notify you when this field has been added and provide instructions on how to use it. If you aren’t currently registered, we encourage you to obtain a registration on your own through the City’s website.

Once the new registration system is launched later this year, you will be able to obtain a registration through the Airbnb website. Once the system is fully implemented early next year, all listings must be registered and compliant with city rules or they will be taken down from the Airbnb platform.

We will continue to share information and important updates, via email and updates to this FAQ page, in the coming months as we work to implement the new registration system. We will notify you before sharing any of your personal information with the City for STR registration and you will have the option to consent to sharing this data, obtaining a permit on your own, or deactivating your listing(s).

What if my listing is already registered?

Registration approvals issued prior to this agreement are still valid, so there’s no need to register if you already have one. If you have already registered, you are required to include your short-term rental permit number on your listing by going to Manage Listing > Calendar and More > Detailed Description. In the “Other Things to Note” field, type in your permit number following the acceptable permit format for San Francisco. The format is: STR-xxxxxxx. An example would be: STR-1234567

Can I register now?

The law in San Francisco requires that all hosts be registered with the city. Hosts can register immediately by contacting the City of San Francisco Office of Short-term Rentals here. Once you have a permit number, you may add it in the “Other Things to Note” area of your listing. Instructions to do this can be found on the Airbnb Help Center.

When the new registration system is introduced, hosts and prospective hosts will register online using the Airbnb platform. We plan to share updates about the implementation of the new system over the course of the coming months.

Will you share my information with city officials?

Airbnb will not share any information without a host’s consent. However, once the registration system is fully implemented in early 2018, all listings must registered and compliant with the city’s home-sharing rules.

Where can I get more information?

As we continue to work through the details of the registration process in the coming months, we will ensure hosts have the latest information. In the meantime, you can find answers to frequently asked questions here.