Seniors: Airbnb’s fastest growing, most loved demographic

Across the United States, nearly 78,000 seniors (ages60+) share their homes with travelers from around the world on Airbnb. For many seniors, this income allows them to afford staying in their homes and avoid eviction or foreclosure.

When seniors host on Airbnb it helps strengthen their communities. According to our annual survey data, 41 percent of seniors reported that hosting has helped them afford to stay in their homes – places they’ve often lived for much of their lives.

The typical senior host earns US$7,000 annually by home sharing – valuable income for those who are retired or on fixed incomes. In fact, 45 percent of senior hosts rely on their Airbnb income to makes ends meet and spend it on important costs of living.

Collectively, these hosts earned over $700 million in supplemental income through Airbnb in 2017 alone.

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