Setting Priorities for Airbnb

Amsterdam is a special city for Airbnb. It is a world leader for the sharing economy and home to our longest and strongest partnership with any city in the world. It was one of the first cities in the world to embrace home sharing, introducing clear and simple rules for hosts, and partnering with Airbnb to simplify tax payments for hosts and promote responsible home sharing.

Airbnb and Amsterdam have always worked together to address big issues and innovate on collaborative solutions that work for Amsterdam. Recently, we released new data that shows the Airbnb community boosted the Amsterdam economy by €380 million in 2015, increased earnings for the typical host by €3,800 and generated additional tax revenues. Airbnb has also helped diversify tourism in Amsterdam and spreads guests and benefits across the city to new communities and local businesses; two thirds of Airbnb guests and booked listings are now found outside the city centre.

Airbnb is always working with policymakers on measures to make cities stronger. Over the coming weeks, we will continue these discussions in Amsterdam. Today, we want to share our priorities for these discussions:

  • Build a more open and transparent home sharing community – We know policymakers make the best decisions on home sharing when they have access to clear information. We want to provide Amsterdam with anonymised information they need to make informed decisions, while protecting the privacy of hosts and guests.
  • Help hosts understand the rules and help the City take action against rule breakers – The vast majority of Airbnb hosts follow the rules and provide great experiences for guests; unwelcome commercial operators have no place on Airbnb.
  • Empower families and communities by spreading guests and benefits across Amsterdam – Airbnb supports countless Amsterdammers and democratises the benefits of travel for communities and businesses that haven’t previously enjoyed the positive impacts of traditional tourism.
  • Preserve clear and simple home sharing rules – We know complex and burdensome rules favour commercial operators, slow innovation and hit regular people who need this income the most and provide authentic experiences for guests.
  • Promote responsible home sharing that makes cities better – We know local hosts care deeply about their city and guests want to experience Amsterdam like a local, and we want to help. Among other tools, we recently introduced a neighbour tool in markets across the world and plan to introduce this in Amsterdam shortly.

Over the coming weeks, our discussions will be guided by these principles. We are confident that together, we can arrive at progressive solutions that work for everyone in Amsterdam. We share common aims of wanting to better support home sharers and make Amsterdam a better place to live and visit.

Airbnb brings benefits to Amsterdam and can be part of the solution to issues facing the city. We look forward to discussing these issues and how Airbnb can help. We remain fully committed to being constructive partners to policymakers in Amsterdam. We know there’s more that needs to be done and we look forward to working with policymakers in the interests of everyone in this great city.

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