Share your passion with the world on Airbnb Experiences

In London, Aisha goes about her day as a research scientist but comes alive at night to share her passion with visitors from around the world through Airbnb Experiences. Airbnb Experiences are a way for locals to share what they love with people in their communities and those visiting from around the world. Aisha hosts an immersive tour in London.

“My experience is about LGBT nightlife in London and it showcases the best LGBT entertainment nightlife away from the kind of commercial hype and mainstream of London,” Aisha explains before adding that her experience is also a way to connect with people and give visitors a place to feel at home when they arrive in a foreign city.

Hosts on Airbnb Experiences do so for many reasons whether that’s sharing something they’re an expert at, a hobby they have or just something they love doing but think others might enjoy doing as well. In Aisha’s case, she factored in creating an immersive experience other travellers could enjoy when visiting London with a focus on the LGBTQ+ space.  

Hosting experiences often impact hosts in different ways. After spending time with guests, hosts find the connections they make impactful and valuable. On this, Aisha adds, “Being able to host this experience has meant a lot to me because I’ve realised how lucky we are in London and how much perhaps a lot of us might take it for granted being able to express ourselves in different safe spaces and a lot of travellers I meet, they don’t have that.”

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