Sharing Comprehensive Data About Our Community in New York City

Today we are releasing detailed data about our community in New York City’s neighborhoods.

This raw dataset describes activity in each of New York City’s 195 Neighborhood Tabulation Areas (NTA), a geographic designation used by the NYC Department of Planning to describe the city’s neighborhoods in a way that aligns with US Census tracts.

The data we are sharing today adds detail to the data we shared earlier this summer at the borough level and that made clear that 96 percent of the hosts on the Airbnb platform in New York City have only one listing.

This data includes activity on our platform from August 1, 2015 through August 1, 2016 for any listing that was first active before August 1, 2015 and had at least one trip during the study period. We refer to such listings as “typical listings.” Any NTAs that are parks, cemeteries, airports, etc. are excluded from the dataset as are any neighborhoods with fewer than five typical listings.

For each NTA, we are sharing the following variables:

  • NTA_code:  The Neighborhood Tabulation Area ID.
  • NTA_name: Name of the neighborhood.
  • borough_name:  Name of the borough in which the neighborhood is located.
  • n_typical_listings:  The number of typical listings in the study period.
  • typical_nightly_earnings: The median across typical listings of average nightly earnings during the study period. Average nightly earnings for a listing are calculated over all nights that a listing was booked.
  • typical_annual_trip_nights: The median number of trip nights for typical listings in the study period.
  • typical_annual_short_term_trip_nights: The median number of short term trip nights for typical listings during the study period. Short term trips are trips that are less than 30 days.
  • proportion_entire_home: The proportion of typical listings in the study period that are entire homes/apartments.
  • proportion_private_or_shared_room: The proportion of typical listings in the study period that are private or shared rooms.

It is our hope this dataset, which can be downloaded here, can be used by policymakers, academics and community groups to better understand the way New Yorkers are using the platform. According to this data, the vast majority of our community in New York City are sharing their homes on occasion.

  • There are 50 New York City neighborhoods with over 100 typical listings and of these, only five neighborhoods have median annual trip nights (i.e. the number of nights a listing is booked) greater than 60, and none exceed 90.
  • Restricting attention to short term stays (stays of fewer than 30 days), no neighborhood has median annual short term trip nights greater than 60, and in only seven neighborhoods does median annual short term trip nights exceed 40.

Moving forward, we look forward to sharing more data about our community in New York and around the globe.


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