Sharing for a Stronger New York

Airbnb supports comprehensive home sharing regulations that would legalize unhosted short term rentals in “Class A Multiple Dwellings” in New York City and provide mechanisms for tax collection on short term rentals throughout the state. These regulations would also include several tools to protect the permanent housing market and enhance public safety.

One Host, One Home Hosts can’t have more than one entire home listing in NYC. We’ve voluntarily removed 5,000+ listings since November 2015.

Simple, Mandatory Registration These regulations will create a streamlined registration system for NYC hosts and would authorize online platforms like Airbnb to register hosts on the State’s behalf.

Protect Affordable Housing in NYC This bill will ban short-term rentals in public housing (NYCHA) and limits STR in rent stabilized housing to prevent profiteering.

Good Neighbor Rules Airbnb screens all guests and hosts, provides $1 million in Host Protection Insurance, and has a 24/7 neighbor hotline. This bill will require all hosts to carry insurance and would establish a 3-Strikes rule that would remove bad actors after 3 rule violations.

Collect & Remit Occupancy Taxes This bill will authorize online platforms to collect and remit occupancy taxes from guests on the behalf of hosts. Allowing this to happen could generate an estimated $100 million from Airbnb in the first year alone.

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