Shop Small Market Spotlight: Co-op 28

Airbnb hosted small businesses from around LA at our American Express Shop Small Market on November 19. We are proud to spotlight some of the merchants who were there. Check out Airbnb Open Spotlight.

Strolling down bustling Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz, California, you’ll find Co-op 28, a locally-owned store featuring handcrafted and vintage items. The hip, colorful locale has been an area staple for 6 years, starting out as a co-op for local artists to showcase their art.

“We feature over 150 artists’ work, ranging from handcrafted t-shirts, jewelry, furniture and more, ” says long-time staffer Diane.

Now, the shop’s offerings have expanded greatly. “We offer our own line of furniture, designed downtown,” Diane says. “People love our handcrafted ukuleles and greeting cards — folks will start playing the ukulele right in the shop. It’s always a very social atmosphere in here.”


It’s a very social atmosphere in here.

Co-op 28 is one of a handful of local businesses participating in The Airbnb Open Shop Small Market, curated by American Express. “We’re so honored!” exclaims Diane. “It’s such a short list of businesses — we’re thrilled to be included. So excited!”

Their customers are a varied and diverse mix. “People ask me ‘what’s your target demographic?’ and I always say ‘we don’t have one,’ Diane happily notes. “It is truly a melting pot of creativity, from writers, actors — we actually have an aspiring singer-songwriter working for us right now,” she says.


“We get lots of neighbors that come into the shop. One of our regulars is a father and son who come every Sunday to pick out a new toy,” says Diane. “We also get a lot of dog owners in here, and we offer bandanas for the pups,” she adds. “It’s great.”

Co-op 28 is truly a melting pot of creativity.

Los Feliz is a laid-back town filled with a blend of long-time residents and young aspiring artists. And Vermont Avenue, where the shop is located, “is the coolest place ever,” says Diane. “Vermont is packed with great locally-owned restaurants, bars, and shops,” she adds. The local businesses really add to the nice community feel. Everyone knows each other.”


She says that Co-op 28 really appreciates the business brought in by Airbnb hosts and guests. “Airbnb patrons are very discerning,” she says. “It’s great that they recommend local businesses to guests as well. They want an experience outside of the norm, they want something personal, local, and unique.”


One particular patron, who happens to be an Airbnb hosts, shops for a very specific purpose. “One host comes in and is always looking for items to stage her place for guests,” says Diane. “She’ll purchase little trinkets or wall art — It’s the coolest thing.”

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