Singapore Backs Home Sharing

Three years on since the government began its first public consultation, the time has come for a fair, innovative and responsible framework that brings home sharing in Singapore into the 21st century.

The overwhelming majority of Singaporeans support home sharing and fair, progressive policies, according to new research from Singapore-based research agency Blackbox Research*.

Blackbox Research conducted an independent study in 2017 among 1,000 Singaporeans aged 18 and above across all ethnicities, dwelling types and residential areas. The study polled respondents on their perceptions toward and experiences with home sharing, and their opinion on the government’s policy approach to regulating short term rentals.

The research found that 70% of Singaporeans support allowing people to home share, 76% agree that Airbnb allows everyday Singaporeans to make a little extra income to help make ends meet, and 70% are likely to use Airbnb when traveling in future.

74% believe that as a business and innovation hub, Singapore should introduce regulatory frameworks that encourage rather than restrict innovative businesses like Airbnb. 63% support a simple and inexpensive registration process requiring hosts who want to share their homes to register with the Singapore government.

Other key results include:

  • 75% believe Airbnb offers a different way to travel by creating more authentic, personal and informal experiences between strangers that encourage  that encourage meeting of new people and sharing of cultures and values.
  • 75% believe that Airbnb allows Singaporeans to make important supplemental income to cover their expenses from what is likely to be their largest expense and asset – property.
  • 73% believe Airbnb can provide extra income to help older residents (aged 50 and above) supplement their retirement savings.
  • 71% believe money earned through Airbnb stays in the pockets of local residents as hosts keep 97% of the rental price.
  • 70% believe Airbnb encourages visitors to Singapore who bring new revenue to local neighbourhoods and businesses, instead of only in tourist areas.*
  • Public sentiment toward Airbnb is especially positive among younger respondents (aged 35 and below). Within this demographic,
    • 82% are likely to use Airbnb when traveling in future.
    • 70% have a favourable opinion of Airbnb
    • 53% have an account with Airbnb.
  • The majority of middle-aged Singaporeans (aged 35-49) embrace Airbnb as a hospitality platform, with 71% likely to use Airbnb when traveling in future.

*For more information, see our recent Airbnb Singapore Impact Study 2018.



Blackbox Research

Blackbox Research is an award winning Singapore based research agency that has conducted research for the Singapore Government.

Blackbox specialises in public policy, communications, institutional and stakeholder research in Asia. Since 2001, the team has carried out work in more than 25 countries for a mix of international companies, government agencies, regulatory authorities and NGOs. It publishes the Monthly Community Sentiment Singapore (YKA) – Singapore’s only regular measurement of community sentiment read by more than 500 opinion leaders and influencers every month.

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