Small Businesses in DC

Airbnb, The District of Columbia, and Small Business Saturday

The holiday season is a special time for the tourism industry — particularly for small businesses which benefit from the additional foot traffic and tourist dollars. And since its creation, Airbnb has realized the important role small businesses play in creating unique travel experiences for our guests, and in making every city, community and street truly distinct.

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Meet Chekesha, Liz, and Cherie, Airbnb hosts in DC | Airbnb Citizen

Meet Chekesha, Liz, and Cherie, Airbnb hosts from Anacostia, Park View, and Shaw, who are providing local experiences and driving important economic activity to their neighborhoods one guest at a time. Over 300 DC small businesses have signed a letter of support for home sharing in the District.

The DC 8 Spotlight Series features small business owners throughout the District of Columbia – representing each of the eight wards – who are all signatories to a letter of support for Airbnb in DC.

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