South Africa

Around the world, travellers choose Airbnb to enjoy unique experiences in local homes beyond tourist hotspots. Travellers to South Africa are increasingly choosing to stay in the homes of hosts outside of city centres, helping them to discover new communities they might otherwise have missed. The spread of tourism to these outer neighbourhoods has helped extend the economic benefits of cultural tourism to hosts, local businesses and their communities.

28,400 annual earnings for a typical host

66% of hosts who share their primary residence

58% of hosts who say that hosting has positively affected their outlook on life

Hosts across Cape Town empower each other and their guests to save water

Even though Day Zero may be avoided for now, hosts on Airbnb in Cape Town have hardly stopped worrying about water as a precious resource. Over the last few months, we’ve heard stories about hosts going to great lengths to save water and to educate their guests about the water restrictions in place. Now, they are looking ahead to collectively rethink how to best host in a city where “hosting responsibly” has taken on a whole new meaning and where water scarcity might be the “new normal”.

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Playing a positive role during the Cape Town water crisis

More than 110 hosts got together in Cape Town to talk about how the Airbnb community can help during the water crisis. Representatives from Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town came along to speak about the current situation and working together to overcome it.

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Hosts launch Africa’s first home sharing club

Hosts on Airbnb, along with friends, family and members from different communities in the Western Cape, South Africa, came together to launch Africa’s first home sharing club in Khayelitsha.

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Airbnb signs first city collaboration agreement in Africa with Cape Town

Airbnb and the City of Cape Town have signed the first city collaboration agreement in Africa. We will work together to promote the benefits of people-to-people tourism for Cape Town residents and their communities, and to promote Cape Town across the world as a unique travel destination.

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Airbnb commits $1 million to boost community-led tourism projects in Africa

Airbnb today announced we will invest $1 million through 2020 to promote and support community-led tourism projects in Africa. The commitment is part of our vision to empower communities through home sharing and to promote people-to-people tourism that benefits local families and their communities.

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Airbnb passes 100,000 listings in Africa, bringing 2 million global guests to local homes

Today, we released a new report that demonstrates the positive impact of home sharing in Africa. The report demonstrates how the Airbnb platform in Africa is empowering a far more diverse range of places and people, well beyond the traditional hospitality industry, to welcome guests, create new opportunities, and establish pathways to economic stability for local residents.

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Empowering people through home sharing

Airbnb is committed to enabling and empowering all communities, including those that may have not previously benefited from tourism.

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A weekend of action in Langa

On the 24th of September, to mark Heritage Day and celebrate the diversity of South Africa’s beliefs and different traditions, we organised a weekend of action in Langa, one of South Africa’s oldest townships and suburbs.

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Airbnb community in South Africa supports Mandela Day

The Airbnb community has come together across the world to volunteer their time to help those in need, as part of our global support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

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Airbnb Boosts South African Economy by 2.4 billion ZAR in 2016

We have released new data about the Airbnb community in South Africa. It shows that Airbnb allows regular South Africans to share their home, while helping to grow and diversify the tourism industry across the country.

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Cape Town drought and responsible hosting

Since recent water restrictions came into force, some Airbnb hosts in Cape Town have made helping their guests save water a priority. Airbnb recently held a meet-up for hosts in the affected area so they could hear from experts and share water-saving tips with each other.

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Get local, get involved. Home Sharing Clubs are a place for hosts to connect with each other, serve their communities and support fair home sharing legislation.