Airbnb Africa Academy: The Programme

Airbnb Africa Academy is Airbnb’s pilot programme focused on connecting emerging entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities with tourism potential in Africa to the tools and skills to  succeed on the Airbnb platform.

We know that the 21st century traveller wants to get off the beaten track, away from mass hotels and connect with local communities. Many communities in Africa neither have the formal tourism infrastructure nor the technology skills to take full advantage of this demand and the economic opportunity it holds. AAA will look to tackle this opportunity with the goal of ensuring that even the most under-resourced communities in Africa can benefit from tourism.

Now in its second year after an initial test phase  in eight South African communities in 2018, the Airbnb Africa Academy is focused on further building out its impact model in partnership with grassroots tourism organisations in both South Africa and Kenya. The AAA model has a dual approach: 1.  Building out training and curriculum materials addressing the unique challenges of under-resourced communities in Africa and 2. empowering partner organisations embedded in high-tourism communities to train and support emerging entrepreneurs to succeed on the Airbnb platform.

Academy Participant Testimonies

“We’re not saying to people come to the township and just leave; [we’re saying] come to the township and experience and do something.”Harry, Alexandra, Johannesburg 

Harry, Alexandra, Johannesburg 

“Airbnb gave me the opportunity to actually show people the real Soweto. Our history to us is not just history that you read . . . it’s part of who we are. It’s us.”Ntsiki , Soweto, Johannesburg

Ntsiki , Soweto, Johannesburg

“We need to educate people, and I’m hoping that by doing this experience . . . the youth that are unemployed can realize that we have it within ourselves. You can make it.”Lindiwe, Soweto, Johannesburg

Lindiwe, Soweto, Johannesburg