South Australia leads the way for home sharing Down Under!

Airbnb warmly welcomes news from South Australia where the state government has introduced new planning rules that provide clear support for short term rentals and allow residents to embrace the sharing economy.

These fair and progressive rules come as a result of the state government recognising the significant role short term rentals play in driving and enabling large festivals and other tourist events in South Australia.

South Australia’s Deputy Premier John Rau said: “Home sharing is great for tourism in our State and provides alternate accommodation options for anyone who wants to come to South Australia and enjoy what we have to offer.”

Great News from SA

For our South Australian community – where the typical host makes $4,100 sharing their space 25 nights annually – this is a huge victory. Our hosts tell us the modest supplemental income they generate through Airbnb helps them afford to pay bills, cover mortgage repayments, and even go on holiday themselves.

Airbnb Australia Country Manager Sam McDonagh said: “We welcome this news from South Australia and thank the state government for allowing home sharing to thrive.”

“The vast majority of Airbnb listings are outside traditional hotel districts so our guests live like a local, spending money at cafes, shops and restaurants not normally visited by tourists. This is an opportunity to help grow and diversify tourism and to provide visitors to South Australia with a unique travel experience in the homes of local residents, beyond the regular tourist hotspots.”

Airbnb is helping spread the economic benefits of hosting to new families, communities and regional businesses that wouldn’t otherwise benefit from the tourist dollar.

We’re proud of the great work by South Australia and hope other state governments take similar steps to encourage and introduce such clarity around home sharing.

Airbnb in South Australia

  • There are now nearly 3,000 Airbnb listings across South Australia; that number has more than doubled year on year.
  • Last year alone more than 57,000 guests stayed in an Airbnb in South Australia.
  • The average length of time Airbnb hosts in South Australia are renting out their home is just 25 nights a year.
  • Overwhelmingly, these are everyday people renting out their primary residence occasionally – not commercial operations.
  • The average age of Airbnb hosts in South Australia is 47.