Finding Time With Family

For many New Yorkers, a family vacation is just not affordable. Hosting on Airbnb provides people like Julie with a little extra income that helps her family travel without straining their wallets. Julie says,

“When you have so many people traveling, it’s hard to find an affordable place for everyone to stay. If you get a hotel you would have to get multiple rooms and it can all get so expensive so fast.”

It is important to Julie that she is able to travel with her children. It allows them to experience new things and relax together as a family.

“Airbnb gives our family an opportunity to vacation together.”

Julie knows the difficulty of traveling with a family, so she also does what she can to make her Kensington home appeal to families traveling to New York on a budget.

This holiday season, Julie booked a family with guests coming from across the country. They’re staying in her entire home for a modest price.

Without Airbnb, Julie wouldn’t be able to able to afford to travel with her family. This would prevent her from sharing valuable experiences with loved ones.

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