Financial Freedom: Vernon's Story

Down in Flatbush, Airbnb host Vernon happily stocks his basement mini-fridge with breakfast goodies for arriving guests. Ever since he started sharing his home with travelers last year, Vernon has had something to smile about: financial freedom.

We don’t have to cut corners anymore. Without Airbnb, my wife and I would’ve had to get second jobs. Without it we wouldn’t be able to save and we wouldn’t have the financial freedom we have now.

The supplemental income is especially helpful when it comes to giving his 9-year-old twins enriching experiences. His children love after-school activities, but they aren’t cheap and two children double the price.

Hosting on Airbnb helps me cover the costs of music lessons, karate, soccer and gymnastics. It also helps me save for my kids to go to college.

Every time a visitor checks into their homey room, Vernon and his twins also get to learn about cultures from all over the world.

Our kid’s favorite part about Airbnb is that they get to meet so many different people from all over the globe. The guests explain their cultures and languages and then they get to know our local culture. Almost everyone who stayed with me has invited me to stay with them in their country if I ever visit.

So, with the snacks prepped and the beds freshly made, Vernon and his family look forward to welcoming their next guest.

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