Hawaii celebrates launch of the Big Island’s first-ever home sharing clubs

Nearly 100 hosts and members of the home sharing community in Hilo and Kona came together to launch the first home sharing clubs on the island of Hawaii.

Home sharing clubs give hosts a chance to connect with one another and share their experiences, trade tips and best practices, create support networks and advocate on behalf of the home sharing community.

In Hilo, a few dozen hosts met at Neighborhood Place of Puna for a fun, festive event. They talked about their neighborhoods, shared hosting experiences, and immediately began brainstorming ideas for future host club activities.

“I was surprised to learn so much from other hosts who I had never met,” said Diwa, who shares her home in Hilo. “I think when we group together as hosts, we share ideas and our impact goes much farther than I would have thought.”

Morris, who’s been home sharing in Hilo for five years, was grateful for the opportunity to get to know the community. “The eagerness and energy of the hosting community here was surprising. I really wanted to meet the faces, and connect with the hosts of the listings in my area. This was the first opportunity I’ve had in five years to actually meet another Airbnb host, and I’m looking forward to more of this in the future.”


“It’s really important for the Airbnb community to connect. It’s vital to our economic growth, a lot of us depend on home sharing to survive. When people book through Airbnb it is like they are coming to be part of the family, and it’s important for families to stay connected.”
— Mike, a host in Hilo

In Kona, several dozen hosts gathered at Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill, an award-winning restaurant and staple of the community.

They discussed life in Kona and shared stories about their favorite guest experiences while dining on Umekes’ famous Poke.

Kona host Angelisa said that seeing the network of hosts gathered together inspired her. “Being around everyone made me realize how much the world gets to come directly to us here in Hawaii, and how important it is to share. It’s great to be part of the home sharing community here in Hawaii.”

“I’ve been hosting for two years. This host community allows us to share ideas around home sharing, and network with other hosts in our community. It’s a great opportunity.”
– Nancy, a host in Kona

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