Meet London Trip hosts, Josh and Luke, who helped host a festive lunch with Centrepoint UK

Over Christmas, we hosted a lovely lunch for the charity Centrepoint UK and some young people they’ve supported in their campaign to end homelessness across London. We asked a group of Experience Hosts to help us host this festive lunch and we wanted to hear from Josh and Luke, two hosts who enjoyed getting stuck in:

“Last December, Luke and I were invited by Airbnb to help host a lunch for Centrepoint staff and some young people who had been supported by the homelessness charity. The lunch was a really cool event. We were asked along to chat with them about our Experience and how we turned our passion into a great way to earn some money. We all got stuck in with the food preparation, I helped make the coleslaw (with the world’s smallest knife as Luke had grabbed the best one!). We then dived in to help out with the washing up. As as you can probably imagine, preparing lunch for 20 people creates a lot of mess!”

We wanted to know from Luke and Josh whether they had any advice for Centrepoint’s young people. Here’s what they told them:

“It was important for us to let these guys know that with a little bit of hard work and a lot of passion, you can share what you love doing and make a bit of money. In our case, it was skateboarding lessons. We’ve put a lot of thought into making our experience on Airbnb as great as possible, it took some time but it was worth every second!”

Josh and Luke told us their lasting memories from the lunch:

“Some of the Centrepoint guys seemed really keen to learn more about how to skateboard, some had even done it before. The best takeaway from this lunch was that it didn’t just end there. The next day, Luke was able to take some Centrepoint young people down to the Royal Oak for some skate sessions! It was great to get them out and teach them a new skill!”

You can read more about the lunch we organised — and our work with Centrepoint UK — here.

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