New York: Hosting is Keeping Linda’s Family in Their Home

Meet Linda.IMG_8177

Linda and her husband are freelance 3D animators living in Flushing, Queens. When Linda took time off after having her first child, she found her skill set had quickly become obsolete in the fast-paced world of animation. Faced with unemployment, a mortgage payment and a second baby on the way, Linda turned to Airbnb to make ends meet. By sharing her home with guests from around the world, Linda is able to pay the bills and spend quality time with her kids.

Linda rents out two spare bedrooms in her home and the second family unit as an entire apartment. The apartment is a popular choice for families and Linda makes them feel right at home. “Traveling with kids is so hard. You have to bring strollers, toys, Pack ‘N Plays, bouncy chairs. I tell my guests to pack light. I provide all that stuff for them.” Her backyard is a traveling parent’s dream. Fenced in with a fully equipped playground, Linda says, “the kids can just run around and it’s completely safe. Sometimes my kids join the action!”

Beyond her inviting and family-friendly home, Linda encourages her guests to explore the bustling neighborhood of Flushing. With a diverse immigrant population, Flushing is home to some of the best Asian cuisine in the city. “You’ve got to try the dumplings here,” Linda says.

Home to the Unisphere at the World’s Fair grounds and beautiful parks, the unique neighborhood offers an authentic New York experience that guests just wouldn’t get from visiting the typical tourist attractions. The proud Queens native advises her guests, “There’s more to New York than just Manhattan, you know.” IMG_8209

“The best part about Airbnb? It gives me the financial freedom to be a mom.” That freedom is in jeopardy right now, thanks to a broadly written bill that was recently passed by the New York legislature. If this bill becomes law, politicians in Albany would be robbing middle class New Yorkers of the very economic lifeline that keeps them afloat. But that’s not all. The harmful and overreaching legislation threatens to fine hosts like Linda up to $7,500 just for listing their home on Airbnb. “I 100% rely on Airbnb to make ends meet. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t share my home anymore.”

Linda says limiting home sharing would deeply impact her guests, as well. “I talk to all of my guests who stay with me, and they always say they’d never be able to afford a trip to New York if it weren’t for places to stay like mine.”



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