Watch: Meet these Amazing Seattle Hosts

Meet a group of Seattleites who are using Airbnb to make a little extra money to help pay the bills and stay in the homes and city they love. Income from Airbnb has helped them weather life’s uncertainties and make ends meet in an increasingly expensive city.

They’re not alone — 60% of Airbnb hosts in Seattle say that they use the money they earn from Airbnb to help pay their rent or mortgage, and seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of Airbnb hosts.

Get to know these amazing Airbnb hosts.

Our Host Community

Meet Lawrence from Beacon Hill

Lawrence has been recovering from a back injury for the past six years, and suffered a loss of income in the process. As a single dad of 4, the extra income from home sharing helps Lawrence save for his children’s future, and has allowed him to focus on his health. For Lawrence and his kids, hosting is a family affair. They love sharing the best local spots Seattle has to offer with their guests.


hollislandingpageMeet Hollis from Queen Anne

For Hollis, facing the rising cost of living in Seattle as a senior on a fixed income was daunting. The money she earns from Airbnb has helped her keep up with household expenses, as well as meet new people. Hollis loves helping guests find their way, and is a proud supporter of local business. She always encourages guests to explore shops and restaurants in Queen Anne.


elizabethlandingpageMeet Elizabeth from Crown Hill

When Elizabeth had trouble keeping up with the rising cost of living and expenses like medication, she turned to Airbnb for help. As a senior living on a fixed income, Elizabeth needed other options. She loves sharing the natural beauty of Seattle with visitors, and showing them what the city has to offer beyond downtown. Without the income from Airbnb, she wouldn’t be able to stay in her home.


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