Study finds subletting is a useful tool for young people

To celebrate the release of the  “Young people and mobility” survey, on Tuesday 13th February 2018 we had the pleasure to welcome the following individuals to the Parisian office of Airbnb France:

  • Thibault Martin, CEO and co-founder of Smartrenting, a start-up specialised in sublease management
  • Jimmy Losfeld, President of the Federation of General Student Associations (FAGE)
  • Georges-Etienne Faure, Director of Innovation and New Professions at Nexity
  • Emmanuel Marill, Country Manager of Airbnb France

Here are the four major lessons of the meeting:

Mobility is encouraged but constrained by housing

  • Many academic cursus are increasingly encouraging young people to be mobile  
  • More than 50% of 18-30 year olds say they have a mobility project in 2018 (internships, studies, VIE, training…)
  • Among them, the mobility project lasts more than 3 months in 42% of cases

Housing remains one of the main obstacles to mobility

  • 1/3 of students give up their project because of their lack of accommodation
  • Half prefer to keep their housing, even if they have to pay double rent
  • 56% of dwellings remain unoccupied in the absence of their tenant

Sublease, a legal solution that is not yet widely used

  • Subletting is a good solution: it allows young people to not have to find a new tenant while ensuring that their rent is paid” -Thibaut Martin
  • 16% of the young people surveyed use subletting when they are on the move
  • 3/4 of those surveyed think it is illegal
  • However, subletting is allowed if the landlord has given permission

Lift the brakes and make the housing a mobility accelerator

  • 84% of young people think it is difficult to manage a sublease at a distance
  • Smartrenting is one of the solutions to overcome this problem

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