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Home sharing is increasing in popularity and lawmakers in Vancouver are asking residents to share their opinion about potential new rules and regulations.

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Home sharing in Vancouver:

  • In a city with an astronomical cost of living, home sharing is a safety net for the middle class. Nearly three-quarters of Vancouver hosts report choosing to host on Airbnb because they want to earn additional income.
  • Home sharing makes Vancouver a more appealing travel destination. With exorbitant hotel prices, the ability for travelers to stay in someone’s home makes visiting Vancouver more affordable and frees up more spending money that can go towards supporting local businesses.
  • Almost 60% of guests spent the money they saved by using Airbnb at Vancouver businesses — on food, shopping, and other services and activities.
  • On average, 52% of daytime (non-accommodation) spending is spent within the neighbourhood where
in Airbnb guest stays.
  • For hosts, home sharing is an economic lifeline that provides the extra financial boost they need to pay the bills.

We believe that home sharing can and should be regulated, but needs to be done in a way that allows middle class families to continue sharing their homes and provide a significant economic boost to Vancouver. Share your opinion about home sharing. Click here to be taken to the City of Vancouver’s website to complete the survey.