Supporting economic opportunity and sustainable travel in Asia-Pacific

At Airbnb, we believe healthy, sustainable tourism can help empower people and strengthen communities — a vision we share with Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

To help support the growth of healthy tourism and empower hospitality entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific, we’re thrilled to announce that we will invest $2 million through 2020 to promote and support innovative tourism projects throughout the region.

The fund will be available to international organizations—including destination marketing organizations, NGOs, non-profit agencies and community social groups—in need of financial support for innovative tourism projects.

The announcement was made today by Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb Co-Founder, CSO and Chairman of China at the APEC CEO Summit in Da Nang, during a panel discussion on the ‘New Job Creators’.

“Airbnb is dedicated to empowering people and communities through healthy tourism, and we have a long tradition of supporting local projects in Asia-Pacific,” said Nathan. “We’re excited to continue these efforts and support APEC’s goal of driving sustainable and inclusive tourism to economies in Asia-Pacific.”

Empowering hospitality entrepreneurs


The data shows that the Airbnb community boosted APEC economies by $28 billion and supported 370,000 jobs across 116 APEC cities in 2016. In the past 12 months, 55 million guests arrived at APEC member economies through Airbnb, while Airbnb hosts in APEC member economies earned about $8 billion during the same time period.

 Bringing APEC member economies together


Data shared today also shows how Airbnb is driving sustainable, inclusive growth through tourism and bringing APEC member economies closer together through travel—a top organizational priority for APEC.

A comparison of Airbnb guest arrivals in 2016 to overall Euromonitor-calculated arrivals that year shows Airbnb already accounting for significant percentages of international arrivals in a number of APEC economies. In terms of international travelers in 2016, Airbnb accounted for at least 5 percent of all arrivals at six APEC member economies: the US (5 percent), Canada (6 percent), Chinese Taipei (8 percent), Australia (11 percent), New Zealand (14 percent), and Japan (15 percent).

APEC member economies that have seen at least 100-percent year-over-year growth in inbound guest arrivals on Airbnb include:

Country % YOY Growth
Korea 104
Papua New Guinea (2018 APEC Leaders’ Summit host) 110
the Philippines 133
Vietnam (2017 APEC Leaders’ Summit host) 154
Brunei 170
Mexico 175
Malaysia 179
2019 APEC Leaders’ Summit host Chile 195
China 268

Note: All estimates of Airbnb’s economic output and the numbers of jobs supported come from the report, “Airbnb’s Global Support to Local Economies: Output and Employment,” by NERA Economic Consulting. The NERA authors estimate the output and employment supported based on the volume of visitors and host earnings in 200 cities across the world, as well as results from an internal AIrbnb survey of host and guest spending. Using the IMPLAN model, the authors estimate the total direct and indirect economic output associated with Airbnb travel in each local economy. Estimates at the country and regional level are based on aggregations of the city-level figures.

Download the Airbnb & APEC report

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