Supporting small businesses: District 11

San Francisco Supervisorial District 11 includes the Excelsior, Ingleside, Oceanview, Outer Mission, and Crocker Amazon neighborhoods. 57 businesses in District 11 are featured in host guidebooks and were recommended to guests a total of 325 times.

Small business owners in District 11 share how Airbnb is benefiting their community.

“Sippin’ Wine Bar is a great bar in the Mission, and we love showing Airbnb visitors from all over how San Francisco celebrates its local style!” —Shirley, owner of Sippin’ Wine Bar

“There is generally light traffic in our neighborhood. Having more Airbnb guests would have a great impact on my business and the businesses in our neighborhood.” —Nelson Zhao, owner of Chopsticks

“I think Airbnb is great for bringing more travelers, and I’d love to participate in another merchant walk for Airbnb hosts and guests.” —Albert Lee, owner of Rocks Den

District 11 by the numbers

Click here for the full San Francisco 2017 Economic Impact Report.

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