Supporting small businesses: District 2

San Francisco Supervisorial District 2 includes the neighborhoods of Pacific Heights, Presidio, Sea Cliff, Laurel Heights, Marina, and Cow Hollow. 359 businesses in District 2 are featured in host guidebooks and were recommended to guests a total of 5,646 times.

Small business owners in District 2 share how Airbnb is benefiting their community.

“As a small business owner, I appreciate what Airbnb does for small business. Hosts drive traffic to corridors. As an extension, Airbnb is a partner to merchant coordinators and helps highlight what is unique to San Francisco: the neighborhoods.” —Vas Kiniris, Executive Director of the Fillmore Merchants Association and owner of Zinc Details

“Some of the best experiences in this amazing city are tucked into sparsely known corners, rare gems with unique offerings. I feel like that’s what people staying at Airbnb are really after. Eighty five percent of our business comes from within 8 blocks, and that includes the Airbnb’s in our area. Those staying in a district like ours are really looking for more of a neighborhood experience, which is what we’re built on.” —Tim Hayman, owner of Scopo DiVino

Read the District 2 report

Click here for the full San Francisco 2017 Economic Impact Report.

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