Supporting small businesses: District 4

San Francisco Supervisorial District 4 includes the Sunset District and Stern Grove. 137 businesses in District 4 are featured in host guidebooks and were recommended to guests a total of 1,831 times.

Small business owners in District 4 share how Airbnb is benefiting their community.

“We like to say that people have to come to our cafe on purpose. Word of mouth is super vital to get people to go out of their way to visit and we definitely see visitors at our business.” —Lauren Crabbe, co-owner of Andytown Coffee Roasters

“We routinely get visitors from France, Japan, Germany, and other countries, and we see locals bringing in their out-of-town guests. Our business is a great stop for a visitor, because they often find something here that they can take home to remind them of their holiday.” —Eric Rewitzer, co-owner of 3 Fish Studios

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Click here for the full San Francisco 2017 Economic Impact Report.

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