Supporting small businesses: District 8

San Francisco Supervisorial District 8 includes the Noe Valley, Castro, Mission Dolores, Diamond Heights, Glen Park, and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods. 453 businesses in District 8 are featured in host guidebooks and were recommended to guests a total of 9,568 times.

Small business owners in District 8 share how Airbnb is benefiting their community.

“Kasa has been a neighbourhood institution serving up vibrant Indian flavors for the past 10 years. We are thankful to Airbnb hosts that recommend us to visitors from around the globe that may not have otherwise found their way to our beloved corner in the Castro.” —Anamika Khanna, owner and operator of Kasa Indian

“Airbnb generates opportunity for Noe Valley, and we certainly appreciate the destination tourists that we would not otherwise attract. In these tough retail times, our commercial corridor needs the additional foot traffic these unique visitors create.” —Dani Sheehan-Meyer, owner of Cliche Noe Gifts + Home

Read the District 8 report

Click here for the full San Francisco 2017 Economic Impact Report.

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