Taiwan Airbnb hosts gather for a merchant walk around Kaohsiung Arena

Kaohsiung Arena is a popular destination for tourists and business travellers alike. To show our support for some of our favorite small businesses in the area, we recently joined our community of hosts on a merchant walk to sample local eateries and meet local business owners.  

Our first stop was Jia Chen Grilled Sandwich, which provides specific set meals for Airbnb hosts and a breakfast delivery service for Airbnb guests.

Walking through the beautiful streets, hosts also visited Hong Taixing Thai Restaurant, a local restaurant which serves affordable and delicious Thai food. The restaurant owner noted he has seen an influx of customers, with Airbnb guests visiting everyday. Next, hosts visited He Tai Car Rental where Kaohsiung tourists often charter a car to Kenting.

The last stop was Arong Seafood, where the restaurant owner has connected with Dick, the Kaohsiung Club Leader, to provide Airbnb guests special local dishes.

The walk was an opportunity to learn more about the neighborhood. Hosts said “I lived here for many years, I feel excited for all the small businesses, and I want to organize another merchant walk!”

Airbnb listings in Taiwan extend beyond traditional hotel districts, so tourists experience neighbourhoods they might otherwise have missed. When Airbnb guests visit cities, they are more likely to spend money in the neighborhoods where they stay, which helps distribute tourism spending to local businesses like those in Kaohsiung Arena.

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