Take a Detour through Southwark and Shoreditch

London is a city rich with history and sights to see but what about those lesser-known historical facts that take you off the beaten path? For travellers keen to explore some of the city’s more interesting historical facts and locales, Airbnb now has audio tours which guests can take advantage of when they visit London.

One of the audio tours, The settlers of Shoreditch, is a 55-minute experience that takes you on a 1.2 mile walk through one of East London’s trendiest neighbourhoods. The tour is guided by food writer Rejina Sabur Cross and you’ll get to sample some of the best treats in Shoreditch, if you choose. For centuries immigrants have settled in Shoreditch bringing with them their own style and cultures and each of these groups has added a layer to the neighbourhood, making it what it is today. You’ll get to experience everything Shoreditch has to offer including shopping in the legendary Spitalfields Market, which dates back to the 17th-century.

If you’re more of a history buff, give Surviving WWII in Southwark a try. The 40-minute audio tour takes you through the borough and explains how life in London was affected during Germany’s WWII bombardment, known as the Blitz. Social historian and broadcaster Carol Harris introduces you to some of the women who kept London ticking as the bombs fell around them. You’ll get to learn more about a local church’s surprising connection to the war and discover Roupell Street, a hidden historical working class area many Londoners don’t know about.

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To take advantage of these audio tours, you must download the Detour app on your mobile phone.

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