Take action: Nashville considering temporary ban on short-term rentals

Nashville is considering a moratorium—or temporary ban—on issuing new short-term rental permits for certain types of listings. The moratorium would restrict many hard-working households from being able to share their homes to make ends meet as well as limit accommodation options for travelers visiting Nashville.

Leaders need to hear from the passionate hosts who use home sharing to make a little extra money and infuse new tourism revenue into the local economy. This is a crucial opportunity to advocate for fair home sharing rules and reasonable enforcement to maintain the integrity of Nashville’s beautiful neighborhoods.

Send the Metro Council and the Metro Planning Commission an email urging them to oppose the moratorium and demonstrate the power of the collective voice of the home sharing community.

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When our community speaks out and organizes, elected officials listen. Adding your voice to this debate will help local lawmakers craft better home sharing laws in Nashville that make it easier both for hosts to open their doors and for travelers to visit this one-of-a-kind city.

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