Tasmania Home Sharing Club Travel Expo

The Tasmania Home Sharing Club organised a Travel Expo to help share tips with other Airbnb hosts on enhancing guest experience. Local Tasmanian businesses gathered together in a room to talk about what they could offer to guests and to provide some special deals for Airbnb hosts.

Home sharing club leader Merrydith presented her house manual for other Airbnb Hosts as an example and template for other Airbnb hosts to use.  Another home share club leader presented about his involvement on the Experiences platform, which is a new opportunity for Home Hosts to make a little extra income, along with sharing their home.

A host information session was also held as part of the event. Hosts heard from tax expert Louise Bloomfield where they had the opportunity to ask questions about their tax needs and obligations.

Local and supportive vendors who attended the event are listed below:

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