Airbnb’s commitment to paying our fair share

400 Partnerships with local governments

500 million Collected in hotel and tourist taxes so far


With more than 4.5 million listings in 192 countries and over 80,000 cities globally, Airbnb is making it possible for people in every corner of the world to turn their great expense — their homes — into an economic opportunity. The growth of home sharing has also meant infusing billions of dollars in economic activity into communities that didn’t traditionally see many tourists.

But as home sharing has grown, the hotel industry has pushed for draconian measures in order to protect their massive profits. First, the big hotels complained that Airbnb wasn’t paying taxes. Now, after we’ve remitted more than half a billion dollars and partnered with more than 400 governments globally, they’ve changed their tune. All the while, hotels have taken billions in subsidies to pad their profits and continue to demand billions in tax breaks from governments across the country.

As we work to collect and remit hotel and tourist taxes in communities across the United States and around the globe, we think it is important to share some facts about our tax collection efforts.

  • To date, Airbnb has tax partnerships with over 400 local governments around the globe.  
  • In the U.S., Airbnb has tax partnerships in 32 states, plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • We’ve supported legislative efforts to amend the rules and allow us to collect and remit hotel taxes in states like New Jersey, Indiana and New York.
  • To date, we’ve collected and remitted more than $500 million in hotel and tourist taxes — and we are just getting started.

We are committed to expanding our efforts to pay our fair share and look forward to continuing our work with governments around the world. Voluntary Collection Agreements are an important tool for governments to generate additional tax revenue, and local leaders across the country agree, despite what the Big Hotels say, Airbnb is a boon for local communities:

Jersey City, NJ — Steven Fulop, Mayor

“We have seen [Airbnb] be a key partner, helping us on the revenue front with dollars similar to what the hotels pay. It has helped us in Jersey City with police, with fire, with services…I do believe that this is the way of the future. It’s another outlet for families. It’s attracted visitors to different neighborhoods that they wouldn’t normally go to. The Airbnb solution that we have here has worked really well for us.”

State of Colorado — Eric Myers, Colorado Department of Revenue Taxpayer Services Division Director

“The State of Colorado appreciates the cooperation of Airbnb to collect these short-term rental taxes on behalf of their hosts. This is a great example of the public-private sector working together in support of fair and equitable tax laws that benefit citizens and strengthen our local communities. This partnership to facilitate voluntary tax compliance helps the State of Colorado to efficiently collect tax revenue that funds essential government functions for our local jurisdictions.”

State of Arizona — Doug Ducey, Governor

“This groundbreaking agreement is a signal to entrepreneurs across the U.S. that Arizona is a state that empowers innovative companies like Airbnb to set up shop and expand their operations. Making it easier for companies to service Arizonans without jumping through an outdated tax and regulatory system is a win for everyone. It helps our economy grow, these companies expand, and the thousands of Arizonans who are benefiting from this new and exciting economy thrive.”

State of Alabama — Julie Magee, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Revenue

“This agreement will increase compliance in this area, and I commend Airbnb’s willingness to take the steps necessary to ensure that the appropriate taxes are being remitted. This is great revenue, new revenue for the general fund that we have had spotty collections in the past.”


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