Taxpayer subsidies for hotel construction and operations

Airbnb is committed to strengthening communities and ensuring that the Airbnb community pays its fair share in taxes. Since 2014, Airbnb has collected and remitted taxes in over 340 communities worldwide and guests have paid $510 million in travel and tourist taxes, $410 million of that amount in the United States. These funds are being used to support important priorities. Chicago has used these new funds to aid homeless families, Los Angeles has supported rapid rehousing programs and communities in Florida have used the new resources to promote tourism and economic development.


$3.3 billion total earnings of Airbnb hosts in select communities

340+ communities worldwide with whom we have tax agreements

$510 million taxes paid by our guest community globally

$4.9 billion taxpayer subsidies awarded to the big hotels


The large corporate hospitality chains stand in sharp contrast. These chains take billions in public funds, in the form of tax subsidies, to support the construction and operation of hotels. Hotel executives defend these subsidies as critical to supporting jobs and economic development, but work to reduce wages for working people and oppose proposals to raise the minimum wage. Looking forward, the industry has made clear it is eager to use artificial intelligence to automate its workforce.

As policymakers and community leaders continue to examine the economic potential of home sharing and the changing nature of travel and tourism, Airbnb is releasing a new report that examines taxpayer subsidies for big corporate hotels, along with the economic and fiscal benefits of home sharing.

The report finds that hotels in the US have received over $4.9 billion in subsidies and other benefits since Airbnb’s founding in 2008.

Four of the nation’s largest hotel chains—Marriott, Omni, Hilton and Hyatt—have reaped $3.3 billion of the subsidies, or 67 percent. This comes as the big hotels perform at or near historic levels: in 2016, Marriott earned record revenues and experienced record growth, and profits throughout the industry hit an all-time high.


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