The 9 criteria to ensure that your home is accessible to people with disabilities

Each listing is unique, as is every traveler.

It’s easy to book a listing on Airbnb. However, it is complex to anticipate all the needs of travelers, especially people with disabilities or with reduced mobility. Sometimes, the pictures may not show all the particulars of a dwelling, or the description may be incomplete or confusing. In short, accommodations may not always correspond to the expectations of a traveler with particular needs.

That’s why Handicap International and Airbnb have joined forces to help you understand how to make your accommodation accessible to people with disabilities.

Your accommodation is accessible to people with disabilities if it meets the following criteria:

  • Your accommodation is located less than 200 meters from the nearest metro or bus station, without imposing obstacles in the way (e.g., uneven sidewalks, badly parked cars, steps).
  • If you recommend taking a particular means of transport to get to your listing, let guests know whether or not it isaccessible to travelers who may have reduced mobility or be visually impaired.
  • Make sure that your street name and house number are clearly marked. If this is not the case, be sure to describe the exact route to your home.

In the entrance

  • If your home has a digital lock, be sure to let your guest(s) know  and make sure it is accessible for a person in a wheelchair.
  • Check that your front door, elevator (if available), and/or access corridors are wide enough for a wheelchair.. A door must be 90 cm wide to allow a wheelchair to pass. The corridors must be 120 cm wide to be able to circle.

Inside your home

  • Make sure that a wheelchair can move between furniture in different rooms, as well as in corridors.
  • Indicate in your ad if there are steps.
  • One of the bathrooms should be accessible with a door at least 90cm wide, and ramps by the toilet and shower. The equipment should not be too high. A space of 150 centimetres in diameter should be available. The ideal set-up is to have a shower seat (a waterproof chair is suitable).
  • Information and instructions about your accommodation should be legible and easy to understand with diagrams and drawings. 

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