The Airbnb Community in Arizona

Right before his State of the State address a few weeks ago, Governor Ducey signed an executive order to create the Council on the Sharing Economy. We are excited that the Governor took this first innovative step to support the peer to peer economy in Arizona. Today, we are excited to release a report with more information about the hosts and guests in the Grand Canyon State.

Here are some more highlights from the report:

Hosts are welcoming guests to Arizona. From January 2015 to January 2016, 131,000 guests stayed in an Airbnb when they visited Arizona and 162,000 Arizonans used Airbnb in their travels.

Hosts are responsible Arizona residents committed to the community. Arizona is home to 5,000 Airbnb hosts who hosted guests in the past year. The average Airbnb host in Arizona is 45 years old and earns an average $4,000 dollars each year in modest but impactful income through hosting. In addition, two thirds of Airbnb listings in Arizona are rented fewer than 60 days per year.

Airbnb guests travel in small groups, looking for a unique travel experience. Airbnb guests came from over 100 countries around the world to visit Arizona in the last year. 90% of trips booked to Arizona on Airbnb include four or fewer guests. The average length of stay per guest was approximately four nights.

Home sharing allows people to turn what is generally one of their greatest expenses into a tool to help make ends meet. Many Airbnb hosts are middle class residents who share their homes to pay the bills. Meanwhile, Airbnb guests generate sustainable, local economic activity that supports small businesses. We are excited to continue engaging with Arizona policymakers in the weeks and months ahead.

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