The Airbnb community in New York’s 5 boroughs

In the fall, I wrote about Airbnb’s economic impact in New York. We released a study conducted by HR&A Advisors that found that Airbnb is boosting local economies, helping residents pay their bills, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the city. Today, I wanted to highlight some important evidence about the positive economic impact Airbnb is having in all five boroughs.

In every borough in New York, hosts are welcoming people from all over the world to share their rooms, homes, and apartments. Residents are using the money they earn to pay their bills, afford their rents or mortgages, and pursue their dreams. And they spread the economic benefits throughout their borough by bringing travelers to parts of New York they might have have missed if they stayed in a hotel. They send visitors to their favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, and stores—places and neighborhoods that have not traditionally benefited from tourism.

Get the details and the data for each borough below:

We believe this is just the start: the Airbnb community has the potential to grow in all five boroughs, support more jobs, promote and strengthen tourism, and provide an authentic and sustainable way to travel. And most importantly, it’s a way for more residents to be able to stay in their homes and the neighborhood they know and love.

We have reached out to leaders in every borough to discuss how we can continue to make New York and the Airbnb community stronger, and we will keep fighting every day for sensible, clear rules governing this incredibly beneficial activity.

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