The Airbnb Community’s Economic Impact in Portland

Over the past few months, we’ve shared a lot of good news with you about Airbnb and Portland – we announced our new Shared City partnership with the city in March and we’ll be opening our North American Operational Headquarters there this summer.

Today, we released a study with more good news about Airbnb’s positive impact in Portland. The study found the Airbnb community generated $61 million in economic activity in Portland in one year and supported 660 jobs.

Portland residents use Airbnb to help afford their homes, pursue their dreams, and share the city they love with the world. The study found 84 percent of Airbnb hosts in Portland share only the home they live in and 65 percent of Portland hosts said they have used Airbnb income to help afford staying in their homes.  Hosting also helps Portland residents to pursue innovative careers and non-traditional forms of work. Forty-five percent of hosts are self-employed, freelancers or part-time workers.

Airbnb also attracts new travelers to Portland who stay longer and spend more than traditional hotel guests. These travelers are seeking authentic, local experiences in Portland and across Oregon.

Highlights from the study include:

  • The typical Airbnb host in Portland occasionally rents out only the property in which he or she lives to help afford increasing costs of living. 84% of Airbnb hosts rent the home they live in, and the typical host earns $6,860 per year in Airbnb income. 65% of Portland hosts have used Airbnb income to help afford staying in their homes.
  • Airbnb hosts are diverse in age and many are low-middle income. The average age of Airbnb hosts in Portland is 42, and 40% of hosts earn below Portland median household income.
  • Hosting enables Portland residents to be more entrepreneurial and pursue nontraditional forms of work. 45% of hosts are self-employed, freelancers, or part-time workers, including 12% of hosts who have used Airbnb income to support themselves while launching a new business.
  • Airbnb guests stay on average 3.9 nights (compared to 2.1 nights for traditional hotel guests in Portland) and spend on average more than twice as much over the course of their trips ($815 compared to $360 for the traditional hotel guest).
  • Airbnb allows guests to stay in traditionally less-visited neighborhoods and support the local businesses there. 96% of Airbnb properties in Portland are located outside the main hotel areas, and 98% of hosts suggest local restaurants, cafes, bars, and stores to their guests.

Portlanders have long-embraced sharing, and this study shows the positive impact that can bring to the city. Airbnb will continue to build on this impact in Portland through the Shared City initiative by collaborating on campaigns to attract sustainable forms of tourism, send visitors to local businesses, and support disaster relief programs. Airbnb will also collect and remit taxes to the city of Portland on behalf of our hosts and make it easy for Portland hosts to donate the money they earn from Airbnb to a local cause, matching those donations as a percentage of our fees.

For more details about Airbnb’s economic impact in Portland, check out the press release.