The Campaign for Wool presents,

Airbnb guests can stay in some of the most breathtaking locations in the world: from castles to tree houses to house boats. The adventures and the possibilities are endless. Today, we’re excited to showcase the first listing on Airbnb with an interior made almost entirely of wool.

The “Wool BnB,” based in Islington, London, was created by The Campaign for Wool in celebration of Wool Week, a week-long series of events which celebrate the natural benefits of wool over man-made materials. The house, which was listed on Airbnb this morning, has been kitted out from top to bottom with woollen products — from artwork to armchairs. Every product in the house spotlights the incredible craftsmanship and skill of those involved in the project.

The Campaign for Wool, Wool BnB, London Photo: Peter Dixon Design and Curation: Karina Garrick @karinagarrick

The Campaign for Wool will use all proceeds raised from the rental of this woolly home towards educating people about the benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings, and everyday life. You can check out their unique listing here.

London is an artistic, culturally-diverse and historic city, loved by all who explore it. Our community of hosts on Airbnb are showcasing some of the best, and often hidden, bits of our city. We are delighted to provide a platform for the likes of Campaign for Wool. A team of designers and wool producers who are sharing their passion and craftsmanship with travellers and locals. The Wool BnB is a world-first and we really hope ewe (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) get a chance to check it out.

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