The Impact of Sharing an Authentic London

Today we are releasing a new report about the positive impact of the Airbnb host community on London. Airbnb hosts offer visitors a more authentic and local travel experience because they are sharing their homes. The new report shows how this behavioural shift is impacting unexpected areas of London–the outer boroughs, beyond the city centre and tourist hotspots.

You can view the entire report here.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson:

London continues to break records for visitors from across the globe, who come for the unbeatable cultural attractions and heritage to be found here. But as more tourists seek out the new, the idiosyncratic, the hidden, the local, it is important to stay ahead of the game and capitalise on their desire to explore the lesser known gems London has to offer.

“Last year I launched my cultural tourism vision for the capital and as Londoners, we have a key role to play, with favourite spots and insider knowledge to pass on. This report shows that many Airbnb hosts are already doing this, inspiring visitors to explore more of the city, be it a specialist local museum, a small theatre, a secret cinema, a traditional pub or a quirky café. In doing so they are ambassadors, helping to promote the very best of what London has to offer.

Here are a few interesting findings from the report.

Airbnb guests want authentic, local experiences in communities beyond the city centre:




  • Outer boroughs are the fastest growing destinations for Airbnb guests in London. The average increase in nights stayed in London’s outer boroughs is 17 percent higher than inner London boroughs.
  • London boroughs like Hillingdon and Barnet are trending over Westminster and Kensington for Airbnb guests.
  • 85 percent of guests in London choose Airbnb to experience life like a local, and 78 percent use Airbnb to explore a specific neighbourhood.

Airbnb hosts are ambassadors for London, attracting guests and spending to less visited parts of the city:




  • Airbnb hosts recommend local attractions, cultural gems and family-run businesses to guests; over 80 percent of hosts share personal and local recommendations with guests.
  • Almost three quarters (74 percent) of guest spending goes to local bars, restaurants and cultural attractions.
  • This spreads economic benefits beyond the city centre to more families, communities and local businesses.

Airbnb is supporting a cultural boom in London:




  • More than half (51 percent) of Airbnb hosts in London are freelancers or work in creative industries. Sharing their home helps them support their businesses and pursue new ventures.
  • Almost 20 percent of hosts say that Airbnb has allowed them to use the extra income to help start up a new business.
  • More than a quarter (26 percent) of Airbnb guests in London are freelancers or work in creative industries. They use Airbnb to discover London’s hidden cultural attractions and experience life like a Londoner beyond the city centre.

Our Airbnb team is presenting the report tonight at City Hall with Munira Mirza, Deputy Mayor for Culture. Around 100 Airbnb hosts and creative minds are joining cultural leaders from across London to discuss how they are boosting cultural tourism in London and spreading benefits to more families, communities and local businesses.

Our community is incredibly excited because this is only the beginning. Our ever-growing community will continue to support the Mayor’s vision for cultural tourism in London and show global visitors how much every neighbourhood of this fantastic city has to offer.