The New York City Marathon and Airbnb

Like so many people in New York and around the world, we are excited that the New York Marathon is back this year and stronger than ever. Last year, the Marathon was cancelled in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. During that time, the Airbnb community rallied to help provide free or reduced price housing to thousands of people who were displaced by the storm or visiting town with nowhere dry to stay.

This year, we are thrilled that our community is opening up their homes for happier reasons. Airbnb hosts in all five boroughs will be hosting runners and visitors who are coming to New York to participate in this great tradition.

Airbnb helps thousands of world travelers visit New York every single day, but our community is particularly important when New York plays host to big events like the Marathon. New York has about 100,000 hotel rooms, but more than two million people will participate in Marathon weekend—many to run in the race, others to cheer them on.

Regular New Yorkers hosting Airbnb guests near the Marathon course in all five boroughs will earn about $1 million this weekend, and local businesses will take in even more. Airbnb guests who stay in the outer boroughs don’t just sleep there, they spend there as well. So countless local diners, stores, and other businesses will benefit, as they do every day. And Marathon weekend guests will be from all around the world: this weekend, 73% of Airbnb guests in New York will hail from a foreign country.

We’re always working to tell people more about how the Airbnb community makes New York stronger and we’ve put together a short infographic on Airbnb and the Marathon. Check it out and be sure to share it with anyone who needs to know more about Airbnb. We know that the more people learn about the Airbnb community, the more they love us.

NY Marathon Infographic Oct 30