Think Green: Hosting in San Francisco

Experts from Recology and San Francisco’s Department of the Environment recently spoke with local hosts about energy, water, and waste efficiency. During the open question-and-answer session, hosts asked Joanne Wu from Recology and Kevin Kumataka from SF Environment about how they can minimize their waste and carbon footprints, as well as communicate San Francisco’s regulations with out-of-town travelers.

Addressing the changes in Recology’s recycling program and the city’s goals for the 0-50-100-Roots Initiative, Wu and Kumataka gave actionable steps residents can take to contribute to a greener city. Check out these resources to help residents reach this greener goal below!

Landfill, Compost, and Recycling

Home Resources

Other Resources

  • Frequent certified Local Green Businesses, ranging from dry cleaners to restaurants.
  • Create your own ‘Green’ welcome packet with information including how to compost, take public transportation, and shop at SF Green Businesses.

Thank you to Joanne Wu, Recology, Kevin Kumataka, and San Francisco’s Department of the Environment for their time and resources!


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