This is how Airbnb promotes sustainable traveling and fights mass tourism

Airbnb released a new report today that provides a better understanding of how the host and traveling community is helping to fight mass tourism. Presented at the annual OECD forum, this report demonstrates that by revolutionizing the way people travel, Airbnb is contributing to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism around the world.

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For Jonathan Tourtellot, founder of the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations, “this new form of tourism is essential to combat mass tourism. While traditional hotels are often concentrated in certain districts of major cities, the Airbnb community allows guests from around the world to scatter tourism and discover places off the beaten track.”

The study proves it: more than two-thirds of Airbnb guests decide to stay outside major tourist areas. In addition to homes, services such as Experiences and host recommendations, travellers are encouraged to leave urban centers. Over 60% of the recommendations made by hosts to guests are unique, and have not been recommended by any other host.

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According to Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Airbnb:

Airbnb was built on the idea that home sharing allows travellers to live authentic experiences, as close as possible to the inhabitants and the real places of life. We are convinced that our community can be a solution to mass tourism, and that it enables sustainable growth that benefits everyone.

The travel revolution also takes place at the economic level, as the tourism industry now accounts for more than 10% of world GDP. The vast majority of the revenue generated on Airbnb goes directly to hosts. It is reinvested in domestic expenses, housing maintenance, health and education. In this way, responsible tourism benefits both travellers and local communities.

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