This state election, protect home sharing in NSW

After years of confusion, fair new rules for home sharing start later this year in NSW. The Airbnb community supports these new common sense rules, which get the balance right and protect people’s choice to use their own homes responsibly.

These rules help travellers, particularly working families, to benefit from the local, unique and affordable homes offered by local Airbnb hosts across NSW. Just last year, over 2.8 million guests from NSW booked an Airbnb.

However, this state election home sharing is at risk from unfair policies, including expensive and complex compulsory registration, and giving councils the power to ban or further restrict home sharing in your area, which would reduce people’s choices.

This state election support fair home sharing rules. It’s your home. It’s your holiday. It’s your choice.

Here’s what the Airbnb community in NSW are saying about what fair home sharing rules mean:

Lucy, Coogee

I’m a single mum. Airbnb has become one of those crucial income streams for me. It’s crucial that government support home sharing in NSW, it’s an enormous part of the economy. I think some regulation is perfect. If a future government took away hosts rights to share their home, they would be intruding on the rights people have to use their home the way they’d like to inside those walls.

Judith, Redfern

We had three children but they’d all left home, and we realized that we really needed to make the house work a little bit. We had used Airbnb ourselves and so we gave it a go. We don’t make a lot of money out of it, but it does help defray some costs.

Katya, Pyrmont

I’m an artist and an academic researcher. My income as an artist is very little (as it is the situation for all artists in Australia). I travel a lot for work and Airbnb has really helped me to pay my bills as I rent out my place to other travellers when I travel myself.

Rachel, Fairy Meadow

We host as we love where we live and love to share it with others. Our guests come to enjoy a relaxing environment near the coast and support our local shops, cafes and restaurants. We only rent our place out occasionally and this allows us some extra cash to spend at Christmas time. If there were council costs involved, we and others like us would not be able to host as we simply don’t make enough from renting out our home. We also use Airbnb when we go away, however if pricing were to increase this would again limit our vacations which are far and few between already.

Robbie, Wee Waa

I began hosting in our cottage on farm during the drought. It has been a great source of a little extra income as we have had no income on the farm but huge expense in stock feeding. The guests are those people travelling long journeys and taking the back roads to explore, they also stop in our town and spend money.

Sue, Newcastle

After my husband lost his job, and I have been unable to get a job, we needed to do something to help with our household costs as the cost of living is spiraling out of control. I rely on the small income to supplement our household. We also still have two children living at home so every cent counts. If the cost to do this became prohibitive then it would leave me with no income and no prospects to get a job.

Toni, Fairlight

My husband and I have only recently started renting out a space in our home on Airbnb and have come to rely on this money to help us stay in our family home. Our only other option is to downsize our home now that our children have moved out and we don’t receive board from them. Given the state of the current real estate market, we’d rather not sell – this is our only other option. We are in our late 50s and our financial position isn’t quite what we would have hoped because of the GFC and other industry factors.

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