Tourism law welcomes home sharing in Lazio

Good news continues to come from Italy where Deputy Governor and Commissioner for Tourism Massimiliano Smeriglio, announced Lazio’s new regional law, embracing home sharing.  The simplified rules clarify that residents in Lazio can share their homes to guests from around the world.  The announcement was made this week by the region and is welcome news to thousands of hosts across the region. The Regional Council will now have to debate the text.

Massimiliano Smeriglio, Vice President of the Region Lazio, said: “We need to find a balance between on one side providing favourable micro-entrepreneurial possibilities, while on the other create a set of clear rules. Owners of one spare room or house wanting to share it to visitors has to be enabled to allow them to benefit from extra-income opportunities”

Under the proposed rules:

  • Lazio residents are free to share their home, after complying with a simple communication
  • Hosts don’t need to apply for planning permission to share their space
  • National rules on registering guests on the Police dedicated website  apply to every host.

These rules replace previously repealed laws which were introduced in 2015 and later quashed following an appeal by the Competition Authority. Regions and governments across Italy are waking up to the benefits home sharing brings to their communities. In December we signed an agreement with the Region of Liguria to promote responsible tourism and home sharing rules.  

We welcome this new regulation which introduces fairer home sharing rules , and allows hosts to continue to open up their communities to new visitors, bringing benefits to local businesses and families. We and the whole host community will monitor the Council debate.


The Airbnb Community in Rome

  • Over 750,000 Airbnb guests visited Rome last year, spending €400m in local businesses.
  • Almost 10,000 hosts welcomed guests into their home, earning a combined income of over €93m.
  • 203,000 Roman residents used Airbnb to travel last year,
  • The typical host earns €5,500 by sharing space in their home for 50 nights.
  • Guests stayed an average of 3.7 nights last year.
  • Last year, Roman hosts launched the city’s first Home Sharing Club and have supported the city in many activities, including helping to clean the city’s streets.
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