Transit riders are celebrating Transit Week in San Francisco

It’s San Francisco Transit Week, and we spoke with Rachel Hyden, Executive Director of the San Francisco Transit Riders Union (SFTRU), to talk more about public transportation, the role of the Transit Riders, as well as tips for our Airbnb community on using public transportation.

The SF Transit Riders is a rider-based grassroots advocate for world-class transit in San Francisco. Rachel describes it as “the voice of the transit rider in the city.”

“There are lots of groups that advocate for public transportation, but we advocate for it in the perspective and viewpoint of the rider,” says Rachel.

Rachel believes that San Francisco has one of the most vast networks in the nation, and with 81 transit lines, it’s hard not to see that.

“Each resident is roughly half a block away from public transportation”, says Hyden.

As a resident of Bernal Heights, Rachel takes the 14R to the BART on 24th Street-Mission. Being car-free, she takes full advantage of the public transportation system in San Francisco. When visiting other cities, she uses the public transportation whenever possible. However, there’s no place like home! After using Airbnb to travel to places like Columbus, Ohio (her hometown) and the islands of Hawaii, she wishes that more places had robust public transportation like San Francisco.

Within San Francisco itself, she is excited to jump into the conversation of the Caltrain Downtown extension, the second Transbay Tube, as well as the Central Subway extension to Chinatown.

Any advice for Airbnb guests visiting San Francisco?

“Don’t rent a car. Going to a different city with a car might be challenging. Don’t be afraid of our public transportation. Do ask the operator for help. Though luggages might be more of a challenge when you arrive at the airport, once you’re in the city, it will be more walkable and more accessible by public transport.”, says Rachel.

Join Airbnb and SF transit riders for Transit Week

  • Wednesday, 9/27: Better Bayshore Advocacy Night & Regional Connections Forum
  • Friday, 9/29: PUBlic Transit CRAWL – Celebrating the 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project
  • Saturday, 9/30: Adventures on the SF Bay Ferry
  • Sunday, 10/1: Family Fest at Sunday Streets, Excelsior
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