Tuscany embraces home sharing in new tourism law

Around the world we are having conversations with governments on the benefits of home sharing. Everyday, we see how it is making cities better places to live and visit, and helping regular people to make a little extra income and pay the bills. More and more cities are embracing home sharing and implementing progressive laws that back local residents and support innovation.

Today, we are sharing good news from Tuscany where the Region has introduced new, common sense tourism laws that make it easier for local residents to share their homes. The new move clarifies that Tuscany residents can share their homes and introduces new smart and streamlined regulations.

It follows action by the Airbnb community against a proposed law that was complex and confusing. More than 700 emails were sent by members of the community to the Regional Governor and Regional Tourism Commissioner to share their stories and concerns about the impacts of proposed rules. Those voices were heard and the new rules are clear, simple and distinguish between home sharing and professional providers. Hosts shared their stories on how home sharing helps families make ends meet and how it provides visitors all around the world with a more authentic way of traveling, bringing benefits to local communities, too.

The New Law

Under the new rules:

  • Tuscany residents are free to share up to two homes with guests from around the world
  • There is no nightly cap for hosts who share one or two homes
  • Hosts don’t need to apply for planning permission to share their space.

The new rules are subject to implementing degrees and we expect it to be in place by late spring 2017.

We applaud the Regional Council, Commissioner Ciuoffo and Governor Rossi for listening to the Airbnb community, embracing home sharing in the region and introducing clear and simple rules. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with policymakers in the region and are already discussing with policymakers how we can simplify tax rules and make it easier for Airbnb hosts to pay their fair share.

Over the coming months, we’ll work with the City of Florence to begin collecting and remitting tourist tax, creating a simple and more streamlined approach for our community. Speaking after the announcement, Giovanni Bettarini, City Commissioner for Economic Development, said: “Now that the sector has a regulation we’ll go forth with the implementation of the collect and remit scheme for the first time in Italy. Clients will pay their tourist tax online and Airbnb will remit it directly to the Municipality. Thanks to the 10.000 short term rentals in the city we expect our income to increase from 2 to 5 million euros.”

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