Airbnb brings Twin Cities $14.7 million in economic activity for Super Bowl LII

In 2014, when the NFL announced the Twin Cities as the home of Super Bowl LII, it represented a milestone achievement for the region and an opportunity to show the world what Minneapolis and Saint Paul have to offer.

The only problem? Hosting such a global event means finding accommodations for all the people that come with it. Even with a recent hotel boom, the Twin Cities possess only about 40,000 hotel rooms, which is less than half of Houston, the host city for the 2017 Super Bowl.

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The Twin Cities is expected to host about 125,000 visitors for the game — over three times the number of hotel rooms able to accommodate them. Nearly half of those hotel rooms (19,000) were believed to have been snapped up immediately by the NFL.

In fact, Minneapolis hotels were reported to have been already sold out a full year prior to the game, making it nearly impossible for Patriots and Eagles fans to book hotel rooms within the Twin Cities just two weeks before the game.

This left the Twin Cities in a predicament: too many people traveling, not enough places for them to stay. It begged the need for a flexible, scalable platform to expand lodging capacity and allow as many people as possible to stay within the Twin Cities for this very special occasion.

Saint Paul Councilman Chris Tolbert perhaps said it best

“I don’t think there’s enough hotel rooms in the Twin Cities for the amount of people that are coming. […] We’re going to need Airbnb for the Super Bowl.”

Today, as the world’s attention shifts to the Twin Cities, there are now over 5,500 active Airbnb hosts in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This ensures that anybody who wants to stay within Minneapolis and Saint Paul this week — particularly fans of the Patriots and Eagles who only began booking in the past few days — can find a safe, affordable option within close proximity to the stadium and downtown Minneapolis.

Super Bowl week highlights

$14.7 million 
in total economic activity

$11 million
in guest spending


$3.7 million
in total earnings by Twin Cities hosts

guest arrivals to the twin cities

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