UN tourism chief: Hosting brings “new waves of travellers that have not been seen before”

Taleb Rifai, the secretary-general of the UN World Tourism Organisation, recently weighed in on Airbnb’s impact on the hotel industry, saying that “[the hotel industry] must find ways of coming to terms with this phenomenon and make it work for their advantage.”

Secretary Rifai went on to point out that:

“Anyone who looks at this activity as taking away from others, they are mistaken. It is bringing in new waves of travellers that have not been seen before. You need to come to terms with it, you can’t just fight it.”

Airbnb has long believed that for us to win, no one has to lose. Even as more people share their homes, traditional hotels continue to take in robust or even record profits. Home sharing helps more people travel and that should be good news for everyone.

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