United Kingdom

Around the world, travellers choose Airbnb to enjoy unique experiences in local homes beyond tourist hotspots. Travellers to the UK are increasingly choosing to stay in the homes of hosts outside of city centres, helping them to discover new communities they might otherwise have missed. The spread of tourism to these outer areas has helped extend the economic benefits of cultural tourism to hosts, local businesses and their communities.

£3,000 Annual earnings for a typical host

36 Nights hosted per year by a typical host

76% of hosts share their primary residence

Meet British guests using Airbnb to see more of the UK

Airbnb helps diversify travel across the United Kingdom for Brits of all backgrounds. In fact, 53% of travellers using Airbnb in the country are locals looking to explore other cities and regions of the country. Click the links below to see two stories of guests explaining how Airbnb is helping them explore a little closer to home.

Bob and Jackie

A look at the impact of home sharing across the UK

Airbnb just released the UK Insights Report which illustrates how hosts and guests on the Airbnb platform make meaningful contributions, not just to the UK economy at large, but to the local communities where these guests stay.

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