Update from Berlin

Berlin’s State Secretary for Housing has said Berliners are free to share spare rooms in their home on Airbnb providing certain rules are followed, according to press reports today.

In an interview with Berliner Zeitung, State Secretary Lütke Daldrup said Berlin’s housing law forbids commercial operators who remove housing from the property market, but Berliners are free to share rooms in their home. He said Airbnb suits Berlin and the Senate must protect Berlin’s sharers.

We are working hard to clarify these statements and understand what they mean for regular Berliners who occasionally share their homes in which they live. The comments are an important step in the right direction, but raise many questions about what Berlin’s housing law means for regular people who share their homes.

We know the Airbnb community and regular Berliners want clarity on home sharing rules in Berlin. We want to help and work with the Berliner Senate to provide clear and simple information. Berlin’s housing law is complex and confusing. It was designed for a different industry in a different era and doesn’t fit this new activity or how regular Berliners use their homes.

Around the world, we are working hard to be good partners to policymakers and make good on the commitments in the Community Compact. We oppose unwelcome commercial operators in Berlin and want to work together to protect Berlin’s vital housing stock and regular people who occasionally share their homes to pay the bills. We know home sharing is a valuable tool that helps many Berliners stay in their homes and the city they love.

We care deeply about Berlin and want to work with policymakers on clear and simple home sharing rules, like other major European cities already have, including Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Lisbon. Airbnb is good news for Berlin, but the current situation on home sharing regulations is confusing for Berliners. By working together, we can provide clarity for Berlin’s sharers and harness the positive impacts of home sharing so more people can enjoy this great city like a local.