Update from France

Policymakers in France are in the final stages of discussing new rules that could have significant consequences for Airbnb hosts. The new rules would require hosts to obtain a ‘license to rent’ from City Hall and make occasional hosting by regular French people more complex.

The proposed measures are unfair and will disproportionately impact occasional home sharers in France. They are likely to negatively impact the diversity of accommodation and experiences available in French cities.

We know many French families are concerned about the proposals and their potential impacts for regular families and want their voices to be heard. Airbnb has a positive impact across France. We think everyone in France should have the opportunity to benefit from visitors to their communities.

Today, we are launching a petition against the proposed changes to home sharing rules in France. You can find the details here.

Last year, home sharing helped boost the French economy by €2.5 billion and spread benefits to new families, communities and local businesses, including neighbourhoods that haven’t previously benefitted from visitors. We also hear from hosts for whom home sharing is a financial lifeline that helps them stay in their homes and the city they love. The typical French host earns an additional €2,000 Euros by occasionally sharing their home, and more than half earn below the median household income for France.

In 2014, France was the first country in the world to introduce nationwide home sharing rules that democratised the benefits of travel for everyone. The rules are clear, simple and easy for regular people to follow. We encourage the French government to stay true to these values and protect the needs of occasional home sharers in France.

Recent poll data shows Parisian voters are overwhelmingly favourable towards Airbnb. They think Airbnb is good for Paris and would oppose measures that would restrict the rights of regular Parisians to share their space. The Airbnb community has said that it is likely to take political action to protect the rights of regular people who share their homes to help pay the bills.

We encourage you to join us by signing the petition below.

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