Vancouver Hosts Gather to Discuss Home Sharing

As home sharing becomes more popular in Vancouver, lawmakers and the host community alike are showing interest in creating fair home sharing rules for the City of Glass. Alex Dagg, Airbnb’s Policy Lead for Canada, hosted a Meet-and-Greet for over 100 Vancouver hosts to answer questions about the current status of home sharing rules in the city and allow hosts to share their stories.

Dagg, a veteran union organizer, is leading the charge in shaping conversations with city officials on the importance of home sharing in Vancouver, both as an economic lifeline for hosts and a financial boon for the tourism industry. “We want to be regulated, we want to be recognized, we want to talk through concerns,” says Dagg.

Recently, we released a report on the Airbnb community in Vancouver, which laid out data on both our host community and the overall economic impact Airbnb has made in the city. In a time when the cost of living in Vancouver has become astronomical, it’s critical that our hosts – 4,200 and growing – are able to share their homes. Our study showed that 53% of Vancouver hosts report being able to afford to stay in their homes because of the money they earned through Airbnb. Vancouver hosts also report spending more than half their Airbnb earnings on rent or mortgage payments and other household expenses like bills and groceries.

What’s more, home sharing is attracting travelers who would not otherwise be able to afford to visit Vancouver. For example, 81% of guests to Vancouver reported that, compared to using other accommodation options, Airbnb made them more likely to travel to Vancouver again. Almost 60% of guests spent the money they saved by using Airbnb at Vancouver businesses – on food, shopping, and other services and activities. On average, 52% of daytime (non-accommodation) spending is spent within the neighbourhood where an Airbnb guest stays.

To further understand the local sentiment on home sharing, Vancouver City Council recently published a survey for residents to complete, which asks participants to share their opinions on how home sharing affects the local economy, local businesses, the housing market, and the financial bottom line for residents who share their homes. Through active participation in sharing our opinions on the future of home sharing in Vancouver, we hope to establish clear and fair rules and regulations for the city.